We probably all do! That being said, baby-boomers, retirees, multi-age business professionals, busy moms with young children, small home business owners….just to name a few categories of people who need a personal concierge. Many people simply do not have enough time to attend to life’s daily details without sacrificing productivity at work or fun and relaxation at home. Let me free up your valuable time so you can spend it doing what you truly enjoy and love.

I will always keep your personal and business information confidential, unless I am specifically authorized by you to disclose information. As an attorney, I respect the need for discretion and privacy in professional relationships.

Upon request, I will provide both personal and professional references who can assure you that I am not only very reliable but also completely trustworthy.

Most of my services are billed on an hourly basis, but I also have established monthly billing systems for clients who need ongoing services and are willing to make a definite time commitment. I generally charge $50 – $75/hour and submit itemized monthly invoices which are due within 7 days of receipt.

Most people tend to have a general idea of why they want to hire me. Ironing out the specifics might take some back and forth discussion on the phone, via email and/or in person. Once I actually begin the work, I start to bill for my time. If you aren’t sure what you want or need, and just need to talk generally about an issue, I am happy to provide a free consultation up to one hour.

Yes and I have a lot of experience. Oftentimes older adults do not want to set up a filing system, pay bills online or otherwise, balance their checkbooks, reconcile their statements, locate and organize tax information, or do any number of mundane daily life tasks. Family members may not live close enough to help, but really appreciate someone they can trust to do the jobs of everyday life. I also have worked with adults who are experiencing memory loss.

I will be happy to coordinate a trained and reliable housecleaner or babysitter to come to your home, but my hourly rate is not well suited for these jobs!

For any other questions feel free to contact me.


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