What Can I do?

I am a flexible problem solver who loves a good challenge!
To get started, here are some specific services that I can provide:


Pay bills

Pay bills on-line, by mail, in-person; set-up automatic payments

Collect payments

Create invoices, monitor receivables, post payments

Manage books

Set-up books, input data, create reports, coordinate with CPA

Run errands

Consolidate errands to maximize efficiency and free up your time

Plan travel

Planes, trains or automobiles, as well as accommodations and activities

Copy editing/proofreading

Draft, revise and proofread any written materials or correspondence

Reconcile bank statements

Balance checking, savings and/or investments accounts using financial software or paper copies

Manage calendar

Schedule and monitor appointments, tasks, events, email using calendar and/or time management software

Liaison with industry professionals (attorney/accountant/financial advisor)

Locate and assemble documents, manage appointments and coordinate with lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, and other professionals


Control clutter

Remove unwanted items and organize systems for controlling the storage and accumulation of household possessions

Organize both inside & outside the home

Create invoices, monitor receivables, post payments

Design customized filing systems

Balance checking, savings and/or investments accounts using financial software or paper copies

Process mail

Open and sort mail into appropriate categories

Coordinate with home vendors (e.g. plumber, electrician, landscaper, IT)

Locate reputable vendors, schedule and manage appointments, negotiate scope of work/contracts, and oversee completion

Arrange services (housesitting, petsitting, repairs, home maintenance)

Locate trustworthy and experienced providers, coordinate the work


Inventory possessions

Create detailed spreadsheet of all possessions in the home

Sort personal & household items

Sort possessions into appropriate categories to determine what will be saved, stored, shipped, donated or disposed

Package & arrange for storage/shipping/disposal

Pack and/or arrange any materials that require storage or shipping and deliver/coordinate with the correct carrier

Locate documents

Balance checking, savings and/or investment accounts using financial software or paper copies

File or shred paperwork

Collect, classify and file paperwork; shred (or arrange for shredding) of unnecessary documents

Coordinate estate sale with reputable specialists

Locate and coordinate with experienced estate sale specialists

Arrange for professional housecleaning

Find and schedule skilled cleaning professionals


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